Meet the artists

Meet our talented artists with whom we have partnered.

We regularly release new designs,

so new artists will be added all the time.


Amo, a graffiti artist from Rotterdam, developed his passion for graffiti at the age of 14, influenced by his friends and his love for rap/hip hop. When he is involved with graffiti, he prefers to create type designs. For him, it's not about money, it's about the creative skills you have. He therefore found it very fun and challenging to create artworks for our new collection and he hopes that children will be inspired by his work when wearing the clothing.

Jochem Vis

Jochem Vis is a tattoo artist from Utrecht. After graduating from art school, Jochem started working full-time as a tattoo artist. He prefers to make work that is based on oldskool (classic) tattoos but with his own twist: thick lines, hard shadows and bright colors. He has already provided many people with a permanent tailor-made villain suit. The prints he made for House of Artists are based on a few recognizable classics from the tattoo world.

graphics of Jochem Vis

Lize Prins

Lize Prins is an illustrator from Rotterdam who, after studying at the art academy in Zwolle, started as a freelancer for various magazines and companies, including Flow magazine and the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. In addition to working for clients, she makes prints and murals, alone and together with the illustrator collective 'See:sun', of which she is a part.

Her work is characterized by bright colours, hard lines and soft textures . She made three different prints for House of Artists. Her idea was to make some tougher prints, precisely because children don't always have to wear cute clothes or want to wear them. She was inspired by her friend (and tattoo artist) Jochem, who also made prints for House of Artists.

Graphics of Lize Prins

Maurice Giltjes

Maurice Giltjes is a freelance filmmaker/photographer/creative director who invents and creates powerful visuals and image concepts. This all-round artist has a passion for street & lifestyle photography, but also makes videos with his company Lost Visuals, from corporate branding to weddings.

For House of Artists he has portrayed the first collection, both regarding photography and video (in collaboration with Tom Holti).